Battle Voting Polls

  1. Could you do road runner vs flash vs sonic epic rap battle?

  2. Hey I’d really like to see a Goku vs. Sonic rap battle Please and thank you

  3. epicness says:

    I wanna see goku vs vegeta 2

  4. epicness says:

    i also want to see tails vs fox McCloud

  5. epicness says:

    batman vs spiderman

  6. DBZunboxing says:

    Luffy vs natsu would be dope so please do it

  7. Can you please do these ones minato vs naruto, madara vs hashirama , minato
    vs kid kakashi , sonic vs minato , sasori vs deidara

  8. Can you do sasori vs deidara , minato vs naruto, sonic vs minato
    hashirama vs madara, kid k akashi vs obito

  9. aj says:

    awesome music dude

  10. aj says:

    johny test vs cloud

  11. aj says:

    sweet songs dude

  12. The Beast says:

    Make a ghost rider vs scorpion rap battle

  13. Chris says:

    Catain.falcon vs captain America

  14. josh says:

    X men vs avengers

  15. Ben says:

    Waluigi vs luigi and scorpian vs blaziken and for Christmas subzero vs jack frost

  16. Adam Knight says:

    Do She Hulk vs Wonder woman

  17. Kane Barton says:

    I want red hood take on nightwing bro battle to see who’s better at rapping

  18. Caleb says:

    Iron Man vs Lex Luthor
    Aang vs Link
    Ichigo vs Naruto vs Goku

  19. Adam Knight says:

    What about Aiden Pearce from watch dog vs.Batman

  20. striker says:

    Olaf from frozen vs. Mr. Freeze from DC comics.

  21. striker says:

    Olaf from frozen vs. Mr. Freeze frame DC comics.

  22. xaguarmccloud says:

    Try these 5:fox McCloud vs sly Cooper gao mikado from future card buddyfight vs marik from yugioh lu bu from dynasty warriors vs tadakatsu Honda from samurai warriors yukimura sanada vs Zhao yun & finally guy from street fighter vs kato from green hornet.

  23. Rumf says:

    Can u make Scorpion vs Kotal Kahn in Mortal KOMBAT X pls

  24. Dominik Kubo says:

    can you make LoL Zed vs Shen? pls

  25. Aaron Austin says:

    Please do trunks vs said they are sword men

  26. Aaron Austin says:

    Please do said vs trunks they are sword men u know

  27. Luksy says:

    Deadpool vs Deadshot please

  28. Sheriff says:

    Do Nightcrawler Vs Spiderman

  29. Rizu says:

    could you do Goku vs Natsu

  30. u.g.o says:

    dope rhymes bro could u pls start s6 with sonic vs kid flash

  31. nevaehG4232 says:

    I LOVE all of them

  32. infinite says:

    gaara vs. Toph

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