Official Rankings

  1. Link ______ 4-0
  2. Spiderman _  3-0
  3. Goku _____  3-0-1
  4. Vegeta ____  3-0-1
  5. Sub-Zero __  3-1
  6. Sonic _____  3-1-2
  7. The Flash __  3-1
  8. Scorpion ___ 2-1
  9. Deadpool ___3-1
  10. Batman ____ 2-1-1
  11. The Hulk ___ 2-1-1
  12. Luigi ______ 2-0
  1. liam says:


  2. Azizz says:

    what about Hulk vs. She-Hulk

  3. Reverseflash says:

    Reverse-Flash vs Electro (the amazing spider man 2) pls!!!

  4. awesome says:

    punisher vs red hood

  5. RFzoom says:

    what bout Reverse-Flash Vs Zoom CW or red hood vs winter soldier

  6. hbkdxhunter says:

    You should really update the official rankings

  7. Dragon says:

    Deadpool vs Goku

  8. Kania Kirby says:

    Sasuke( Naruto) v.s. Zuko(last airbender)

    Amy(sonic) v.s. Peach(Mario)

    Dark Link (Zelda) v.s. Shadow(sonic)

    • Junior 209 says:

      Piccolo vs Martian Manhunter

      Or inertia vs impulse

      Vision vs Martian manhunter

      Sonic vs shadow extended remastered
      Or gotten vs kid trunks or Gotham vs trunks or red arrow vs Artemis or shadow vs silver or knuckles vs wario

  9. Junior 209 says:

    Piccolo vs Martian manhunter
    Gotten vs trunks sonic vs shadow part 2 or shadow vs silver or Gotham vs trunks or knuckles vs Mario or impulse vs inertia or doctor strange vs doctor fate

  10. chad says:

    do gohan vs superboy 2 or extended remasterd

  11. Ben says:

    Shadow vs Silver

  12. jaden says:

    scourge the hedgehog vs reverse flash
    katara vs sakura

  13. adam says:

    do broly vs goku or goku black vs shadow and goku vs goku black PLZ JUST DO A BATTLE WITH GOKU BLACK

  14. King T says:

    Hey I didn’t know if you knew or not but Deadpool should be 3-1. He beat Batman,Deathstrloke, and Wolverine. He lost to Spider-Man. Just thought you should update that.

  15. King T says:

    I’m glad I now am subbed here too! I always forgot to do it… for over 3 years

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